Malaysia has about 26 water parks that people will have the best experience on their holiday. Each water park has their own unique attraction with difference challenge and extreme adventure that people could have with their family and friends. It also a good place for spent time and have some fun once in a while.

Sunway Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon is one of the top water parks in Malaysia with the tropical heat in the water of Africa. This water park has about 14 attractions and the most popular attraction are Vuvuzela, Little Zimbabwe, Waterplexx 5D, scuba diving and surf beach.

Vuvuzela is the perfect attraction for thrill seekers that love the extreme slide. You need to dive into the belly of the beast. Then, launch from a tower 11 storey high, plunge through turbulent water like the rapids with twists and turn then plummet into the Malaysia’s largest water ride where you will be gobbled up the beast. If they have an amazing slide, they also have an awesome Waterplexx 5D with ultimate multi-sensory journey filled with thrills and spills.

Surf beach

Not forget to mention with wind, fog, mist, sprays, fountains, water jets, light, laser, 3D visual, sound and movement that truly wet and wild that will make you feel cinematic experience like no other. Enjoy the Surf beach that you can either laze in the beach or enjoy surfing or body boarding and having a beach volleyball with your family and friends. You can also show off your surfing skills on surf simulator or knows as FlowRider.

The fun would not complete without Discover Scuba Diving in the City at Titan Scuba Asia. This is where you will learn new skills and be prepared for your Open Water course. It is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Sunway Lagoon City

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland is the water theme park which has its focus on the toy Lego. You can experience all the fun and attractions are all from Lego. This is the place where the you find the heaven of the endless games. The endless games start with the DUPLO Splash Safari which is the water zoo for kids play with the animals. The game continues with the Imagination Station that kids can build their own city that have the bridge and dams with the DUPLO brick and water squirts.

The fun would not complete without the Joker Soaker, the water playground where kids can have a fun with the three differences level of slides and the giant bucket splash with the big splash all over them. The kids also can build their own boat with imagination and creativity at Build-A-Boat and race it down rapids to see who will emerge the top captain. When the kids all get the fun and it is time for adult to have some relaxing time on the Build-A-Raft-River. You can build your own raft with colourful Lego bricks and take down the meandering river for relaxing float.

Lego Wave Pool

The fun is not over yet without enjoy the wave at LEGO Wave Pool that is sure to mesmerise and transfix the kids and the whole family. The challenge and adventure are just getting start with the three differences type of slide with the difference height. The first slide is Twin Chasers with a 130-feet sliding down of twin slides that you can race down with your partner. The second slide is Splash Out and the last is Red Rush with 312-feet long curving track slides down with family.

Enjoy your ride so far? It’s not over yet, we keep the best for the last, you get five more slides to try on with your friends and family. You will feel the adrenaline rush with Tidal Tube by sliding down a 240-feet high enclosed tunnel also invite your family on Splash ‘N’ Swirl with all the best splashes and swirls by spinning and screaming out way down.

Blast with friends on Brick Blaster with swings, sways and slides down tunnels of splashing water. All the swing, sways and slides not end here without the higher and scarier, the Wave Rider is a 240-feet high open body slide tunnel of fun terror and terrific thrills. The fun and thrills adventure end with LEGO Slide Racer with five racers on the line, ready to race down to have the thrills with the whole family and finish it joy of fun together.

Legoland Malaysia

A’ Famosa Resort City

A’ Famosa Resort City is water theme park with theme of Arabian. If you want to experience the adventure of exploring in Arabian world this water park I just the best place. Once you enter the main entrance is the welcome to the Arabian world with the spectacular view that will make you speechless. Your journey to feel all the fun, adventure and challenging begins at the Sand Area the place where you would only see is just the sand.

This place is the best spot to relax by laying down on the sand and feel the warm from a sun with the wind breeze feel like you are at the dessert. The journey continues to the Arabian Village where all the kids can feel the fun for all day. A pool with the Arabian castle completed with the slides where the kids can have a party at the castle.

Kids Adventure Pool

Done with the party! Let’s start the adventure at the Kids Adventure Pool with their mini slides, water sprays and a water playground that all the kids cannot resist. The journey proceeds to the challenging place which is the Big Ice Cream. One of the tallest, longest and widest slide with its heights of 20.8 meter, the widest diameter length of 18.3 meter and the total length of the slide is 108 meter. This is where all the scream come from that will make you never forget the fun and thrill road with you friends.

The next fun adventure is the classic waterslide that you can rides with your friends and family to experience more fun at the Family Raft. It is the best place to spend some time with the forgettable moment with the loves. The journey goes challenge to go down way the Hula Hula that need the lot of the courage and high spirit to slide down the heavy splash and rush till end of the trail.

Black spirals of darkness

Next, the journey brings you to the Inner Tube with just two enclosed slides that catapult riders into pitch black spirals of darkness. You will never know which way you are turning next and will never see a thing until you hit the final splashdown.

End of the darkness slides, the road continues with the High-Speed Ride with seven-storey slides provide a heart-stopping, yet breath-taking high velocity joyride as you can hurtle down and reach the ground in just a few seconds. You will feel all the fun, thrill, scare and excited all in one time through this faster slide.

How your feeling after all the challenge you been through? Next, you will have the ride with less strenuous in the Lazy River while relax on a tube ride as the journey take you around the water park. In your relaxing ride you will face the huge wave that will end you happy leisure time but don’t worry you almost at the end your journey so hold tight! The next stop is the Wa Ha Ha, the big head of the Indians’ with the heavy current water blast out from its mouth that make your tube want to fall off like experiencing the real current.

Already tired with all the adventure and challenges? Now you finally at the oasis where this journey end at the Sand Beach to rest and relax from all he adventures and thrills that you had for all day. You can also feel the wave at the Wave Pool with a little splish-splash with your family and friends.

A’Famosa Resort City

Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast

Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast is one of the waterparks with verity section of the attraction. This waterpark uses a pirate theme for their attractions. You can feel the spirit of a pirate once you enter the entrance. Your adventure as a pirate will begin with the great ship of the great pirate, the Swinging Ship with the three towering waterfalls cascading over a massive 13-metre-high rock cliffs. It feels like a real pirate ship on the adventure sea. This ship arches up to 180 degrees in both directions, filling the air with laughter. Mild enough for youngsters and great fun for all ages. that the first zone of the Adventure waterpark, Penawar Falls.

Second zone

Stop the ship means a start of an adventure to the Penawar Rivers the second zone, a long looping lazy river that floats amid lush greenery of riverbank. You will discover four giant water slides – Wild Whirl, Super Twister, Riptide and The Tempest. The Wild Whirl where you will be shoot into the wide-open bowl high on the wall for peak thrills. Glued to the wall by centrifugal force and shot forward by momentum, they speed around the perimeter.

The Super Twister where you riders cruising through radius curves before an unexpected drop into a funnel where they oscillate back & forth and then exit back into the enclosed tunnel and onto the next set of exciting curves & funnels. The Riptide will sweep you away at the steepest angles and fastest speeds giving an unparalleled feeling of weightlessness.

You will travel downhill to enter the first twister where you will slide back and forth several times then circle around in the eye of the storm before exiting and hitting the second and third twisters. The Tempest is the last slide for the second zone, with two high-energy funnels and a 24-foot drop that allows for high-banking swings. This 55-foot tube slide with a funnel in the middle which will send you on a swirling vortex before completing the descent to splashdown. That all the extreme and heart-beating rides that you can experience in this waterpark.

Third zone

You next stop is the third zone, Shipwreck Reef with the only extremely and challenging ride which is the Kraken’s Revenge. This combination of roller coaster and splashing flume ride that takes you up 30 metres above the ground in rolling “boats” before swooping and spinning through a full 360º horizontal loop, followed by a diving 27-metre drop to where the Kraken waiting for you in the water below. This ride will make you feel like being wrecking by Kraken the sea monster in your adventure voyage.

After escape form the Kraken, you will be entering the fourth zone, the Tidal Wave Beach. It is one of the biggest wave pools that nearly three acres. You can lounge along the 170-meter long sandy shoreline, relax and enjoy the wave pool views or experience the excitement of this wave pool with the heavy splash all over your raft.

The final zone is the Kids Ahoy is a splashing zone filled with water play equipment for the kids. This area filled with the Lil’ Warriors’ Hideout with the different water slides design. The Scallywags is play area for the toddlers and young children to having fun. The last one is the Starfish Splash, the small pirate ship with the different type of slide for kids.

Desaru Adventure Waterpark

By Lily