Kuala Sepetang was formerly known as Port Weld, a fishing village well-known for its fresh seafood. It is also famous for its mangrove reserves along which visitors enjoy boat rides.

On the river cruise you have the opportunity to catch sight of the Chinese white dolphin  popularly known as dugong which is fond of swimming close to the river mouths.

Cockles harvesting to Witnessing fisherman activities like cockles harvesting and cockles cleaning

On a night river cruise trip, you get to see fireflies lighting up the surrounding trees with their mesmerising glow.


  • Boat River Cruise
  • Beach Shells Sighting
  • Kuala Sangga
  • Matang Mangrove Tour
  • Harvesting Cockles
  • Fish Farm
  • Old and Isolated Fisherman Village
  • Eagle Sighting