Fireflies in Kuala Sepetang, is in the species of Pteroptyx tener. The mangrove trees called “berembang trees” by the local grow along the riverbanks of Sungai Sepetang river. These are the trees where the fireflies or “kelip kelip” in the local language congregating the adult male fireflies congregate on the leaf of the berembang tree at night to attract females. Like other bugs their life cycle is eggs, larvae, pupa and firefly. Female firefly lays their eggs on the wet soil 60 metres inland. After hatching the larvae become a predator. The larvae main food is the snails. Its bites on to the snail, then release the toxin to paralyse and digest the snail internally. After that it will suck the digested juice and leave the shell empty. As a predator the larvae consume everything they could hunt. The life circle of the fireflies is about 6 month with most of it time as the larvae. The adult firefly lived just 2 weeks to find their mates. After mating the male firefly will die, the female dies after lying it eggs.


  • River Cruise for Firefly Tour (Night 8.30 P.m.)
  • Matang Mangrove
  • 1 hour tour